2015 year review and top picks on software development

Oscar Brito

O: Are you ready for a review of 2015 through the eyes of a software developer?

Lead the way Oscar.

Year Review

In professional terms it was not a interesting year. I ended up mostly doing maintenance/refactoring work across a large number of projects in which no good practices were previously used, so it was a mix of development, devops, automated tests, continuous integration, ...
This experience taught me a lot about human behaviour and that sometimes when there's lack of team work is better to keep your head down and let the things fall apart. This passive behaviour is something that I need to get used to, because is against my own nature.

On the Divhide side of things I was mainly focus on writing libraries hoping that in 2016 to start writing more blog posts and specific applications. Let's see how it goes.

2015 Picks

There was a lot of tools and resources that helped get through 2015. My top picks for 2015 are organised in the next sections (drum rolls...).


The software tools that got me excited during the year were plenty but I can only pick a few!


If you are a beginner and you find the learning curve too steep, node is for you. If you are an experienced developer and you find other languages full of bureaucracy, node is for you. Javascript continues to be elected my preferred language and node.js the runtime.


Browserify is great to achieve isomorphic code, which was tried before without success (e.g. by Java). I think that node.js will succeed on this (but we are not there yet!) and browserify is becoming more and more a key player.


Docker was the latest big thing on software development. No more 100GB RAM needed to run virtual machines, docker containers share the kernel with the host OS and can be used to create clustered environment without large hardware requirements.


No more bash script that need to be copied across machines, Ansible allows you to run set of commands by SSH which are called playbooks. The only requirement is SSH and Python on the targeted machined.


Minibian is a Linux Debian distribution with a small footprint for your raspberry pi. No more wasted time copying large raspbian images!


Fastlane helps you automating IOS builds. With different versions of XCode comes different command line instruction. Fastlane gives you an abstraction level to all these changes.


I'm one of those people that just can't work in quiet environments so my headphones are always playing podcasts and other things, helping me catching up with the latest news.

Developer Tea

A 5 minutes podcast about the daily life of software developers, the concerns, lifestyle, ...


Javascript Jabber

A podcast about javascript with the latest trends and some interviews along the way.


Entrepreneur on fire

A show about entrepreneurship with a large range of associated subjects. It makes you think about company management!


Chrome developers

The Google Chrome youtube channel. The Chrome Dev Summit was for me the best event of the year and it also contains the Polycast series.


Google developers

Google developers youtube channel contains videos about several technologies and subjects. "The developer show" series are well worth to watch.



Computerphile gives that nostalgic academic feeling, it talks about the computers and software at a very basic level. It's one of my favourite youtube channels.


DEFCON Conference

The hacker in me gets his share of attention from DEFCON videos and their, sometimes, weird hacks.


Node up

A node.js podcast with the latest information on what's happening on node.js core.



My eyes shine when I know a new episode is available. This is a podcast that's supposed to be about web development but it always goes off the rails. I love the Marcus's jokes!



My days using the RSS reader are becoming more rare, maybe because I'm listening to more podcasts, I don't know! I've got used to some weekly newsletters that helps me get up to date on some stuff that the podcasts can't.


The "web development reading list" is a curated list of the latest news on web development. This is a very good newsletter.



Books are something that I must learn to consume on digital format. Whenever I get my iPad to read a book I end up browsing the web!

Digital Adaptation

A book about project management and some common mistakes that are made during projects lifecycle. This talks about the gap between engineering and management and how this gap shouldn't exist at all.


Next year...

Now that divhide.com is organised into sections I can write more often, at least that's the theory!

I need to release the node-divhide v3.0.0 in the first trimester of the year.

For the rest of year I'll try to create new new types of applications hoping to hit the jackpot on one of them!

Oscar out.