#nodejs opensubtitles-client #npm v2.2 release

Oscar Brito

The most used open-source library to search and download subtitles was updated to version 2.2.


To update subtitler command line util run

npm i opensubtitles-client.

Please read the breaking changed before update the library.


This version contains breaking changes on the library API:

  • Events are not longer supported from this version on, because they introduce some bad practices while coding.

  • search() methods were refactored thanks to ziacik PR

Other changes:

  • Fix hash file generation, thanks to jaruba and 2ge

  • Fix subtitler minor bugs

  • Remove unused dependencies

  • Added unit tests


Thanks for all the contributions and feedback. Wishes of a happy Easter for everyone.

Next on my agenda is the divhide library, with focus on the Schema feature, hoping that it becomes an alternative to joi, with the benefit of being as cross-platform as possible.

Oscar out.