#RaspberryPi 2 upgrade - sdcard firmware partition images

Oscar Brito

Like many people I was very happy to receive the new raspberrypi 2. All my raspberry minions are booting from the OS from a USB pen drives and it seems the firmware I was running is not compatible with the new version of the board.

The raspberry firmware is located at the first partition of the sdcard. This fat32 partition contains the firmware binaries and some configuration files.

The upgrade

After 2 hours of copying the raspbian image into a sdcard, followed by editing the cmdline.txt to point the the OS pen drive partition, the upgrade was complete.

If you already have the OS on a usb stick and you just need to update the firmware, I've some prepared some firmware images that you can use quickly setup your raspberry, https://github.com/aetheon/raspberrypi.

In the firmware folder you can find different versions of the firmware that are ready to use, like,

dd if=2015-02-16-raspbian-wheezy-firmware.img of=/dev/disk8s1  

The same can be achieved with sudo apt-get install rpi-update, from a previous running board. In this case make sure your mounting points are correct!

What's next?

After the upgrade I was left with an old raspberry pi model a that I need to give a life purpose!

Oscar out