What the f*** is wrong with tek people ( the 10 sins )

Oscar Brito

So I said that I was going to write about tek people and so I will.

By tek people I mean everyone that works with computer software. From System Administrators, Software Engineers, Software Architects to CTOs!

The truth about us is (the 10 sins)

  1. We have a false sensation of power just because we make computers do what we want to.

  2. We think that when we solve a problem we are the best.

  3. We use our experience to avoid answering some questions.

  4. We take everything personal.

  5. We are never wrong and when we are... we try to hide it.

  6. We think that we are like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, ... just because we work with computers.

  7. We avoid asking for help.

  8. Just ship it! There's no such thing called technical debt.

  9. We like to get philosophical which normally leads to over engineering.

  10. Everything is secret. You shall share nothing with your peers.

The reality is

  1. A solution for a problem can very quickly be considered obsolete.

  2. Technology is always changing.

  3. No one really cares about design as long as it works!

  4. After you do something, you switch context and forget almost everything about what you did.

  5. It's difficult to listen and consider other opinions.

  6. It's easier to respect someone you don't know than someone you work with every day.

  7. No one likes to be wrong.

  8. People are jealous.

  9. People are egocentric.

  10. People don't like to explain why. They are afraid of their flaws.


This post is supposed to be a quick read so I'll get to the point.

I get pissed off about the lack of honesty and interest from other people. When I say honesty I mean saying good and bad things about me or my work and the other way around, of course.

What makes a good team is teamwork. To get teamwork you should feel confortable talking about everything. Nobody should be ashamed or set aside just because they have strange/dumb ideas...

Many of the sins are contradictory between them. This means that logically there is no perfect way of behaving and that's why you should follow your path and let that path be changed by others. That's the kind of honesty that I'm preaching. Never be afraid to be wrong, face it!

Oscar out.