From blogger to #nodejs ghost @tryghost

Oscar Brito

It took a few hours (~4) but I've manage to migrate this blog from Blogger to a ghost instance hosted on digital cloud.

The content migration was a little tricky and took 3 steps:

  • Create Wordpress instance on digitalcloud and import the blogger content.

  • Installed Ghost plugin in wordpress and exported the ghost data.

  • Imported the ghost data on the installed blog.

I've tried, without success to avoid to create a wordpress instance, but you need to host wordpress to be able to install ghost plugin. It only costed 30cents to do that, so that's grand!

What can I say about ghost?

The installation was very easy as well was the custom theme creation.

Using markdown and the editor seems, so far, awesome! I can now use the same syntax that I github README files.

There is a few things there are still bothering me like the inexistent spell checker; the customization of the index page to include things like {{post.image}}; publish schedules, ...

Old version

So long old retro, table, blue design!

Next posts will be about the configuration of ghost using nginx as a reverse proxy on debian's.