#javascript #nodejs grunt-http-server v0.0.5 released

Oscar Brito

Before I go on an one week holidays I've updated the 'grunt-http-server' NPM package to version 0.0.5. This new version allow dynamic configuration of the server port specified by a function.


'http-server': {

'dev': {

// the server root directory
root: ,

port: 8282,
// port: function() { return 8282; }

host: "",

cache: ,
showDir : true,
autoIndex: true,
defaultExt: "html",

// run in parallel with other tasks
runInBackground: true|false



The idea and pull request came from bryanisimo which I thank.

If you got any ideas I'll be more than happy to merge them in the repository.

Holidays mode now turned on :) 3 hours from Cork to Dublin plus 2 hours flight.... Thank god I've got Linux Journal to read.


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