Recipe: Create development HTTPS certificates for IIS #ssl #https #windows

Oscar Brito

To create a PFX file for HTTPS in IIS follow the following steps. This will create a Trusted Root CA and a certificate for the domain, in this case is

I'm using for all passwords the value: password

Add to your PATH the Microsof SDK tools. On my machine these are on:

cProgram FilesMicrosoft SDKsWindowsv7.1Bin

  • create CA certificate for

makecert -n "CN=DEVCA" -r -sv DEVCA.pvk DEV_CA.cer

  • create certificate signed by CA Authority and install it

makecert -n "CN=" -iv DEVCA.pvk -ic DEVCA.cer -a sha1 -sky exchange -pe -sv

  • convert the certificate to PFX format

pvk2pfx.exe /pvk /spc /pfx /pi password -f

  • configure IIS

On IIS Host level, go to Server Certificates and import the generated PFX file

On your website, edit bindings and associate the generated file.

  • [optional] configure Machine / Permissions 

Open mmc.exe / add Certificates Snap-in (Local Machine)

    Import the CA certificate to Trusted Authorities
    Import the certificate to Personal

On the Personal Certs select the certificate, go to Manage Keys and give permissions to IIS_USR.

That's it folks!

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