opensubtitles-client #nodejs #javascript integration with RTorrent

Oscar Brito

After writing the npm module opensubtitles-client to be able to download subtitles from the command line I felt the need to integrate it with rtorrent. With the following configuration after a torrent is finished, subtitler will try to download subtitles for it.

On .rtorrent.rc add:


If you want you create a script file with several instructions and tweak subtitler arguments like:

and on ~/


#always download 2 subtitles file in english to torrent and log it
subtitler "$1" -n 2 -lang eng >> /tmp/rtorrentFinish

My life has become so much I just need to connect my USB hard drive to the tv...

Just a note: RTorrent is running on my raspberry, also with nodejs v0.10.2...


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