Is downloading subtitles a painfull moment? try opensubtitles-client and subtitler #nodejs #npm #js

Oscar Brito

My pain of downloading subtitles is over! From many years each time I have to download subtitles I'm
always complaining and swearing...ask my wife :)

For that reason I wrote an OpenSubtitles client for node.js. You can installed by typing:

npm install opensubtitles-client -g

This will install the subtitler command that you can use for download subtitles. For example:

subtitler Cars.avi -lang eng

subtitler "Cars" -lang eng -n 10 --download

The first command download the first English subtitle that is found and saves it in the file The
second one download the first 10 English subtitles to the current directory.

With this tool you can search by text or movie file and download a X amount of subtitles. Check the github
repo for more information's:

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