A better Random() library

Oscar Brito

You can use the Mersenne Twister algorithm to generate random numbers with SIM.js random library.

The main advantages are:

  • create random sequences by specifying seed's.
    You can reuse the same random sequence if the same seed is given.
  • usage of "Mersenne Twister" algorithm
  • more complete API when compared to native Random

Usage example:

/* Demonstrate that random number streams can be seeded,
* and multiple streams can be created in a single script. */
var stream1 = new Random(1234);
var stream2 = new Random(6789);

stream1.random(); // returns 0.966453535715118 always
stream2.random(); // returns 0.13574991398490965 always

You can check the seed behavior on the following example (http://jsfiddle.net/aetheon/rb7Xn/5/):


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