Application configuration on #nodejs with #convict

Oscar Brito

I'm definitively trying Convict to solve some configurations issues like:

  • Most applications will have at least a few different deployment environments, each with their own configuration needs.  
  • Including credentials and sensitive information in source can be problematic. 
  •  Debug / Release configurations 

Configuration example:

var convict = require('convict');

// define a schema
var conf = convict({
env: {
doc: "The applicaton environment.",
format: ["production", "development", "test"],
default: "development",
env: "NODEENV"
ip: {
doc: "The IP address to bind.",
format: "ipaddress",
default: "",
env: "IP
port: {
doc: "The port to bind.",
format: "port",
default: 0,
env: "PORT"

// load environment dependent configuration
var env = conf.get('env');
conf.loadFile('./config/' + env + '.json');

// perform validation

module.exports = conf;

Node.js facade:

var conf = require('./config.js');


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