Analyzing Mobile Browser Energy Consumption Paper #HTML #WebApps

Oscar Brito

Citation from paper:

While web pages are often optimized for speed and beauty, little
attention is given to the amount of power needed to download and
render the page. 
Designing energy-efficient web sites:
  • Our experiments suggest that JPEG is the best image format for the Android browser and this holds for all image sizes. 
  • Gmail, the most “green” mobile site we found, uses HTML links to open email messages that the user clicks on. The desktop version of Gmail uses Javascript instead. 
  • AOL is able to save rendering energy by using a simple HTML table element to position elements on the page. Other sites that position elements using CSS need far more energy to render.

In summary, to build green mobile web site follow the rule's:

  • Use jpeg's instead of PNG
  • Avoid javascript
  • Avoid network request's
  • Avoid CSS positioning


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