Web Development - choose your favorite client software Stack

Oscar Brito

Choose your favorite flavor from the following list:


  • Module system: RequireJS, AMD
  • Build system: RequireJS (r.js)
  • Templatestext.js
  • Data binding: Backbone.js
  • Sync: Backbone.js
  • Widgets: Bootstrap
  • Test framework: QUnit


  • Package manager: Component
  • Module system: CommonJS
  • Build system: Component
  • TemplatesTake your pick
  • Data binding: Reactive or Rivets (you could easily use Knockout or Backbone though)
  • Synccomponent/model can communicate with JSON APIs
  • WidgetsComponentised UI widgets are popular
  • Test frameworktest/assert, Mocha
MENU 4 - Google Steak: 
  • Package manager: None (to my knowledge)
  • Module system: Closure Library modules
  • Build system: ClosureBuilder
  • Templates: AngularJS
  • Data binding: AngularJS
  • Sync: AngularJS services
  • Widgets: Closure Library
  • Test framework: Closure Library testing
MENU 5 - Twitter Steak
  • Package manager: Bower
  • Module system: Flight/AMD
  • Build system:
  • Templates: Hogan.js
  • Data binding: Flight
  • Sync:
  • Widgets: Bootstrap
  • Test framework:

Or choose your ingredients from here:

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