Linux - Understanding how modules are loaded

Oscar Brito

While hacking in my raspberry I've to find out why a module was not being loaded...

When I plug my USB Wireless Pen I've got:

$ lsusb

Bus 001 Device 007: ID 2001:3c17 D-Link Corp.

Meaning that I've a Pen from:
Vendor = 2001
Product = 3c17 

I now that my Pen has the Ralink RT3370 chipset and I now that the rt2800usb module is
compatible with it.

# will list all the alias
modinfo rt2800usb | grep usb | grep 2001

This last command did not return nothing, that means the installed module has not included my Vendor/Product support.

In that point I update my Linux Distribution with:
apt-get dist-upgrade

And it's working...

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