What means that Linux has a monolithic kernel?

Oscar Brito

Micro kernel : The concept  was to reduce the kernel to basic process communication and I/O control, and let the other system services reside in user space in form of normal processes (as so called servers).

Monolithic Kernel : It runs every basic system service like process and memory management, interrupt handling and I/O communication, file system, etc

Linux Kernel is a monolithic kernel. But the beauty about Linux is It can be compiled as both!

Monolithic kernel:
- Single binary file
- All drivers included in kernel itself

Modular kernel:
- Multiple files for kernel
- Drivers can be loaded or unloaded into kernel using modprob command, see man page of
lsmod, modprob etc
- Almost all drivers are build and linked against kernel

Monolithic Kernel:

instead of a Micro kernel:


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