Raspberry PI - XBMC shutdown system

Oscar Brito

To make the XBMC shutdown the system follow the instructions, and remember that the user running
XBMC must have sudo permissions ( will do just for now !!! ).

> vim /usr/share/xbmc/addons/skin.confluence/720p/DialogButtonMenu.xml

Change the button with "Shutdown button" description:

                       <control type="button" id="3">
                                <description>Shutdown button</description>
                                <texturefocus border="25,5,25,5">ShutdownButtonFocus.png</texturefocus>
                                <texturenofocus border="25,5,25,5">ShutdownButtonNoFocus.png</texturenofocus>

> mkdir /usr/share/xbmc/scripts/

> vim /usr/share/xbmc/scripts/shutdown.sh


sudo /etc/init.d/xbmc stop
sudo sync
sudo poweroff -f

> chmod +x /usr/share/xbmc/scripts/shutdown.sh

Just remember that you have hacked the skin UI, so if you install a new skin the same recipe must be applied.

And there it is. Powering off the XBMC will poweroff the system.

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